About You Exhaust Me

Why a marriage guide for clueless guys? Do you really have to ask?

About 2 million guys get married every year in the United States alone, and many (perhaps most) have no clue about the world they will enter once they say, “I do.”

Does a guy know the 10 Fatal Words his wife will spring on him days before her birthday? Does a guy know why he should never throw away his wife’s “bag of bags”? Does he know why he should avoid watching romance movies with his wife once he’s been married for a couple of years? No, no, and most definitely no! Millions of men are clueless about what to expect from marriage and need practical advice from a guy who has been there and seen it all.

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What’s In It For You?

I don’t want my mom to be the only person to buy this book.

Look, I’m not going to b.s. you – I want you and the tens of millions of other people (ok, maybe that’s a stretch) who visit my web site to buy my book. That’s why I have a big shiny “buy now” button on my home page. If you buy You Exhaust Me, in addition to me getting a nice royalty payment, you will get expert—or at least semi-expert—marital advice from a once-clueless married guy.

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You Exhaust Me is a funny take on marriage. This book is a real page-turner that keeps you entertained throughout all the topics. This marriage survival guide provides unconventional guidance and helpful advice about some of the common things you can expect from your wife. Bob Marsocci is very observant in relationships…I advise every couple to read You Exhaust Me and you’ll find yourself agreeing with his observations.

Barbara Fanson, Reader's Favorite Book Reviews
“A delightfully entertaining book, “You Exhaust Me” shares why and how men often fumble and get frequently penalized in marriage. I know, like me, other women will benefit from this insightful look into the mind of a man actually trying his best to be a good husband. Guys, you’ll laugh while commiserating with Bob, as you learn from his marriage mishaps. If you’re getting married any time soon, or you’re currently married, this is a laugh-out-loud, right-on guide on how to thrive in your marriage.”
Carol Chanel, author of Fabulous Forever!
Marriage is the happiest of institutions — the joining of two people who love and respect each other and agree to share their lives. However, it can come with a steep learning curve. For those newlywed (and not so newlywed) still trying to master the rudimentary arts of marriage, Bob Marsocci offers pithy advice and does it in a delightfully entertaining way.
Russ Parsons, author, How To Pick A Peach
“You Exhaust Me” is a very amusing book for potential husbands dealing with their wives. I recommend this book for wives as well so they have a better understanding of how confounded husbands really are. My uncle Coolie would have loved this book. As he once told me, “Love is the burning flame and marriage is the fire department.” Read this book before the fire is out of control.
Bob London, stand-up comedian